All Legal Dispute Mediation Benefit Plan For Ordinary Citizens



From R400.00/pm for 3 months.
Interest-free. | Deposit: 20%

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Mmikhoi Brands is a company that offers a unique benefit product that protects consumer/clients against any legal disputes that may arise from conducting business with other parties, both in the commercial and civil sector. This product is one of a kind globally, and its patent application number is 2023/05823. The benefit transforms into mediation, resolving disputes effectively and efficiently, resulting in better outcomes for all involved. This is benefit protects our clients 24/7 365 annually against any litigation and transforms into mediation. Now that senior citizens entered the credit markets, it’s not only dangerous, but it might lead to full-blown litigations. A once of purchase of R 120-00 for Senior Citizens, Sasa Grants, Foster Grants, Child Support Grants and Pension/Provident Recipients or recurring plans of R 10 per month of 12-month period. Plans starting from R 499 -R 1500 packages are available for the ordinary citizens, same Principe applies, once off or recurring option depending on the needs of the ordinary citizen.


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